Natural Weight Loss Support with Nutrients

What are lipotropic weight loss support injections?

Weight loss support injections are natural injections administered via IM to help directly absorb into the body and bypass the GI system. When people have weight difficulties, a lot of the time, they have difficulties absorbing nutrients as well. This combination of B12 and MIC (explained later on) delivers a powerful addition of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help aid in the weight loss process.

What are the Ingredients in the Lipotropic injections?
As mentioned above, these weight loss support injections contain natural ingredients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) that play important roles in the body’s use of fat. They help decrease fat deposits in the body while speeding up the metabolism of fat and its removal. The lipotropic shots at Vive IV include:

Vitamin B12: known as the “energy” vitamin. It helps prevent fatigue and suppress your appetite.

Methionine: an amino acid that helps prevent fatigue and works as an antioxidant to help remove toxins in the body.

Inositol: part of the B vitamin family, it helps break down fat, promote healthy hair and skin, and regulate insulin.

Choline: part of the B vitamin family, it breaks down fat, keeps cell membranes healthy and helps prevent gallstones.

How Often Do You Need Lipotropic Injections? For maximum results, we recommend weekly injections, as you are on your weight loss journey. Every person is different so we say start with 4-8 weeks and re-evaluate.

This injection combined with oral multivitamins and minerals, a gluten/dairy free diet and light exercise, has been shown to be effective in many individuals desiring to lose weight the healthy way.

Weight Loss Support Injection