Ozone Sauna Therapy

Ozone Sauna Detox Therapy

Experience a deep detox at The Health Spa with our Ozone Steam Sauna Services. Combining the power of medical-grade ozone with therapeutic steam, this innovative treatment promotes detoxification, circulation, and overall well-being. Relax in our comfortable sauna chamber while medical-grade ozone + oxygen, gently infuses the steam, stimulating your body’s natural cleansing mechanisms.

Ozone Sauna Therapy is great way to detox you body as it increases the cleansing capacity of the skin via stimulation of the sweat glands. It also increases blood circulation in the body which promotes healthy skin. The steam helps open the pores so that Ozone can enter the body and help the lymphatic system detox.

Treatment: 30 minutes

Frequency: As needed.

$75 / treatment


Package: $500 / 10 pack (Save $250)


Benefits of Ozone Sauna Therapy

Dramatically increase oxygenation of the tissues and cells:

  • Detoxification Support: Ozone can help bind to and eliminate toxins in the body through sweat, potentially promoting a deeper cleanse. Enhanced
  • Circulation: The combination of heat and ozone can improve blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Muscle
  • Relaxation: The warmth of the steam sauna relaxes muscles, promoting stress relief and improved recovery.
  • Boosted Immune System: Some studies suggest ozone may stimulate the immune system, potentially enhancing your body’s defense mechanisms.

    The elimination of toxins accumulated in the lymphatic system relieves the liver from the difficult task of processing them. Through the centuries, men and women have used steam to purify the skin, soothe sore muscles, boost circulation and to simply relax. The combined action of moist heat and ozone cleanse the lymphatic system, which carries 90% of the body’s fluids. Ozone also brings oxygen to the tissues for enhanced health and vitality. Ozone Sauna Therapy is a natural, effective way to promote overall health and wellness!


    • Muscle Tension and Pain: The warmth and potential anti-inflammatory effects of ozone may ease discomfort.
    • Chronic Fatigue: The detoxifying and circulatory benefits may help improve energy levels.
    • Acute + Chronic Conditions: The steam, ozone and oxygen effects can help detoxify the body on a cellular level, enhancing detox pathways and elimination of toxins often involved in acute and chronic conditions.
    • Skin Conditions: Improved circulation and potential detoxification may contribute to healthier-looking skin.
    • Stress and Anxiety: The relaxing environment and potential immune system boost may promote stress reduction.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Is Ozone Steam Sauna Safe?
    Generally safe for healthy adults, ozone steam saunas are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with pacemakers or other electronic implants, or individuals with certain medical conditions.

    What can I expect during a session?
    You’ll comfortably relax in a steam sauna chamber for up to 30 minutes, while ozone + oxygen infused steam does it’s job. Your head is outside of the chamber at all times.

    Will I feel the ozone?
    Ozone has a distinct odor, but the concentration used in our saunas is typically mild. You will feel refreshing steam and sweat on your skin.

    Can I shower afterwards?
    Yes! The Ozone Sauna Room is equipped with a shower to rinse off once your sauna session is complete.

    Experience a refreshing detox with Ozone Steam Sauna therapy. Contact Vive IV Therapy today to learn more!


    Saunas of any kind, does not matter whether ozone or not, should not be performed by pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, and those with a high risk for a stroke. Ozone therapy of any kind should also not be used by people with transplanted organs, or by those who suffer from hyperthyroidism.

    ‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.