Nebulizer Inhalation Therapy

Nebulizers help patients receive treatments through inhaling a mist of vitamins and minerals into the lungs where these nutrients are delivered to the bloodstream. 

Most commonly, nebulizers are used (often by children) to inhale asthma medicines which start out in liquid form and turn into a mist allowing vitamins and minerals to be more easily inhaled instead of giving intravenously.  However, other nutrients can be delivered this way too.  

Glutathione Nebulizer Treatments!

What is it? Glutathione is a major “antioxidant” and cellular protector found throughout the body. A high amount can be found in the lining of the respiratory tract and nasal cavities. In conditions of inflammation or irritation (cold, cough, congestion, upper respiratory illness, fluid in the lungs and more) the levels of glutathione may be reduced because the body is using it to “mop-up” harmful chemicals known as “free radicals”.

Getting a nebulizer treatment of glutathione, can help replenish stores and release the build up of mucus in the respiratory pathways.

How soon do I see results? People usually notice a positive healing effect after 1 treatment. For stubborn cases, we recommend doing up to 5 treatments. Can be done every 24 hours as needed.

Cost: Currently $20/session (a $40 value).
Treatment Time: 10 min.