Rehydrating Fluids

Rehydrating Fluids - IV Infusion

Rehydrating Fluids

Sometimes our bodies need more fluid than what we can take in orally. This bag of IV solution rehydrates your veins with isotonic solution, absorbed right into your bloodstream.

Whether a person is just dehydrated from illness, pregnancy, athletic events, travel or more, this IV is for them!

The fluid helps rehydrate the cells.

Treatment: 45-60 min

Frequency: As needed.

$90 (add on to other infusions for $20)


  • Traveling: Can get before or after travel. Recommend a Revive or Immune Boost to help keep your system protected during travel.
  • Illness: At onset of illness
  • Athletic events: Add this extra dose of fluid with your nutrient infusions 3 days prior to major event and day after event for fast recovery
  • Gut absorption difficulties: Weekly x4 weeks with Gut Health Infusion and then as needed for energy and nutritional boost (also see Amino Acid Infusion and IV Vitamin C infusion)

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