Wedding Packages

Bridal Bliss

There is a lot of stressful decisions that go into planning for this memorable day.  Make sure to take schedule some ‘me time’ for yourself and enjoy this transformational time of your life. 

2 Destressing IV Infusions
6 Weight Loss Support IM Injections
$500 (Save $70)

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Bride & Groom

The two of you are perfect for each other!  Sit back and relax with your partner…  This package is perfect either before or after you wedding day.

2 ReVive IV Infusions
$200 (Save $30)

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Wedding Party

Your wedding day is approaching.  These Energizing IM Injections are perfect gift for your closest friends.

Energizing IM Injections
$15 per injection (Save $5)
Add On: $10 each with any other package

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Bachelor(ette) Party

It was supposed to be just a chill night out with your friends.  Turns out things escalated quickly!  Our Hangover Recovery IV Infusions are just what the doctor ordered!  Start feeling better immediately with additional fluids and vitamins to get over your hangover fast.

Hangover Recovery IV Infusions
4 person minimum
$80 per infusion (Save $20)

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