Our Staff


Stephanie is a board certified family nurse practitioner, specializing in integrative medicine and is excited to work with other providers in the community to make Dubuque one of the healthiest places to live!



Kerstien is our office manager extraordinaire! If there is a problem, yo she’ll solve it. Kerstien is the first line of support with any questions you may have. She keeps the nurses on track and the customers happy. She also fulfills our ever growing supplement orders at Select Balance. She is truly a jack-of-all- trades and we love her on our team! 




Carrie is a registered nurse (BSN) with over ___ years in the nursing field. Prior to working at Vive, she was working full time 3rd shift weekend package at a nearby hospital. She loves having more time with her family on weekends and loves meeting all the amazing patients that come to the clinic for their infusions. All the customers rave about Carrie’s personality and the ability to stick them with ease! 

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Cathy is a registered nurse (BSN) with over 28 years in the nursing field. She has been our go-to nurse for the past few years and is also Stephanie’s mother. Cathy is currently the nurse you’ll see running the Vive IV Therapy Hydration Station Mobile Clinic! She enjoys camping and spending time with her grandson in Denver, Colorado. 



Erlyn is a Registered Nurse (BSN) in the Intensive Care Unit at one of the local hospitals. She often spends her off days helping Vive IV Therapy expand their hours of operation. She enjoys the constant learning and improvements in healthcare to help people be healthy.


Shannon is a Registered Nurse (BSN) in the Emergency Room at one of the local hospitals. You’ll find her at Vive IV Therapy working as needed to help Carrie during the busy days! 



Krista is an ARNP, FNP-C (Doctorate of Nursing Practice). She graduated in 2020 and helped Vive while pursing her degree. She currently works for a local clinic and helps at Vive as needed. She has a gentle touch and doesn’t dig around with the needle. She is pretty much a self proclaimed vein whisperer.

Marketing Management - Northeast Iowa Community College


Alex is co-owner of  Vive IV Therapy with Stephanie. When is isn’t instructing at the local community college (Stephanie’s alma mater NICC), he is creating for the business. All of the beautiful posters, advertisements, posts, logos and graphics are created by Alex! One of the biggest accomplishments for 2020 was Alex’s labor of love into our new mobile clinic – The Vive Hydration Station! He renovated the bus by himself and created the graphics for the wrap! We are so lucky to have him on the team.