Welcome to Vive IV Therapy!

IV Infusions Provide Essential Nutrients

Our New Clinic Is NOW Open! The Health Spa by Vive is located in Peosta Iowa, providing IV infusions (intravenous therapy) to patients who seek treatment for a variety of health issues as well as patients pursuing preventative care. IV Infusions provide the body with essential vitamins, nutrients and amino acids directly into the bloodstream at the cellular level, bypassing the digestive tract for maximum absorption.

IV Infusions for Maximum Impact

IV infusions are faster and more effective than oral medications. When treatments are giving orally they must be processed through the GI system and then further broken down by the liver or kidneys. Often these medication treatments do not absorb completely in the digestive tract due to poor intestinal function. By directly administering nutrients via IV infusions, patients receive higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly in the blood, nourishing cells and giving the body higher doses than what could be administered orally.

IV infusions are often administered to patients who require additional nutrients as a result of illness or other medical conditions. Other patients taking a proactive approach to health are looking for IV infusions for hydration therapy, antioxidant therapy, reduction in free radicals and increased energy.

Our IV infusions are tailored to meet your individual needs as different conditions often require different nutrient therapy:

  • Help to strengthen the immune system
  • Increase energy & metabolic functions
  • Help reduce toxins & free radicals in the body
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Increase hydration & muscle recovery
  • For migraine relief
  • Improve mood & decreases stress and anxiety
  • Help decrease asthma & bronchial inflammation
  • Help fight cancer & abnormal cell growth